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Our Saturday Night Program

The Trinity Project meets the second Saturday of every month from 6–7:30 p.m. Each program includes elements of worship, prayer and a Biblical message. Nursery care is available.

Why Saturday night? We recognize that some people aren't "Sunday morning church" people. And some people just aren't morning people. We wanted to provide an alternative to the traditional Sunday morning church. Some people think it's weird, but most of our members say they wouldn't ever want to go back to Sunday mornings.

What to Expect

Typical attire on a Saturday nightIt's a very casual atmosphere—you'll find people in jeans and t-shirts. Regular attenders look forward to Saturdays because they can connect with friends, pray, talk and generally have a good time. We don't single out visitors so people can "make them feel welcome." Instead, we treat everyone with respect while trying to genuinely get to know them.