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Member Covenant

I consider myself part of the Trinity Project family. As with a physical family, I understand that membership has its benefits as well as its responsibilities. Membership allows a deeper level of participation, belonging, intimacy, connection and communication. As a Trinity Project member, I will be eligible to serve on the church board, staff or in other leadership roles.

I believe that God is using the Trinity Project to help Portlanders discover Christ and grow spiritually, and that investing myself in that vision offers deep and lasting spiritual rewards. Therefore, I commit myself to the following four covenants:

Spiritual Life

  • I have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and have demonstrated my commitment by being baptized.
  • I accept the Trinity Project Statement of Faith.
  • I choose to increase in my devotion to Jesus by practicing prayer and other spiritual disciplines.
  • I am seeking to align my life with the biblical message.

Solidarity With the Church

  • I will seek to further the purpose and model the values of the Trinity Project.
  • I will attend Trinity Project gatherings regularly.
  • I will invest in constructive relationships within the church community.
  • I will support and build up the Trinity Project. Should disagreements or conflicts arise, I will deal with them as scripture instructs in Matthew 18:15-17.


  • Since everything I have belongs to God, I will freely and conscientiously invest myself in God's kingdom and in the local ministry at the Trinity Project.
  • I will invest my time and money in the mission of the church.


  • I view myself as someone God is sending to impact my world (Isaiah 6:8).
  • I will look for opportunities to be equipped and to serve Jesus joyfully in ways appropriate to my personality, gifts and passion.
  • In the course of my service I will honor those God has called to positions of spiritual authority in the church.
  • I will invest myself in constructive and redemptive relationships with people outside the church community.