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How the Trinity Project Came to Be

In late 1994, Trinity Community Church in Portland, Oregon made a hard decision. The church population was decreasing and had been for several years. Those remaining were faithful Christians and, wanting to be good stewards, they decided to sell their church property and use the proceeds to fund three new churches.

In cooperation with the Church Multiplication Training Center (CMTC) in Colorado Springs, the first of these "beachead" ministries—the Trinity Project—was born. Ron Hockley, a recent graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, was hired as pastor and the church began to take shape.

The First Members

Hockley family photoRon, his wife Suzanne and their infant son took to the Project with gusto. They found Dave Crocker, Trinity's first worship leader. They invited Gene Welliver, former pastor of Trinity Community Church, to join their team. Things were starting to come together. They began sending out a monthly newsletter and soon scheduled a prayer service to pray about the future of the church.

Over 30 people from all around the Portland Metro area showed up at the prayer service. Many of Trinity's first members were a product of this initial meeting. The church's vision and purpose spoke to them on a personal level and they decided to get involved.

The rest is history…