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Baptism Covenant

Baptism is a formal, public commitment to Jesus. For Christians baptism is something like what a wedding ring is for couples: a visible symbol of a deeply valued commitment. This covenant summarizes the declaration you will make at your baptism.

I desire to be identified with Jesus.

I am willing to publicly declare that I am a follower of Jesus, and to identify with him in his death, burial and resurrection (Colossians 2:12-3:3). When Jesus died, we died with him. Our sin was in him and it was obliterated through his death on the cross. When Jesus rose, we rose with him as new creatures and there is now no condemnation for those who identify with Christ. Through baptism, you will admit that this happened and that you are a new person in Jesus.

Baptism is a symbol of this experience. You will illustrate how you died with Jesus through immersion into the water. Burial is symbolized as you are under the water and your resurrection with Jesus to new life is seen as you come out of the water.

My signature below declares that I desire to be identified with Jesus.

I desire to be identified with the people of God--the church.

Baptism is not only an individual transition from the old life to the new, but also a transition into a community of believers (Acts 2,16). This community includes your spiritual family at the Trinity Project and the larger community of Christians worldwide.

My signature below declares that I desire to be identified with the people of God.

I desire to enter a covenant with God.

You have already made a confession of faith in Jesus and have embraced the Apostle's Creed as your own personal confession of faith. You have started a journey of faith. Your behavior is not yet perfect, and will not become perfect after your baptism. You will continue to stumble, get up and grow in your faith. By entering this covenant with God, you don't promise that you'll never stumble again, but you publicly declare your intention to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.