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Our Approach

Outdoor WorshipMost people who live in the Portland area don't hold a very high opinion of "organized religion." Those words conjure every negative stereotype and association they've had with churches: Artificial, Pretentious, Manipulative—the list could go on. It's no surprise, then, that most Portlanders don't go to church. But we have the same spiritual hunger and longing as people everywhere, and the sense (or the wish) that Jesus might be able to help.

Our goal at the Trinity Project is to create a compelling community that consistently proves that church need not be artificial, pretentious or manipulative. We call it an environment of grace.

  • We meet people where they are.
  • We provide excellent programs and events in a casual atmosphere.
  • We work hard to protect our guests' dignity (and their anonymity, if they wish).
  • We promise to try to speak without religious clichés.
  • We strive to be indigenous when it comes to style and cultural preferences.
  • We are about helping people discover and grow in authentic Christian spirituality